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FUE Technique - Hair Transplantation

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What is FUE Hair Transplantation Technique?

Hair transplantation with FUE Technique is the extraction of individual hair follicles (grafts) of the patient by experts with the help of micro motor using punches of 0.8-0.9 mm. In the earlier times it was unfortunately unapplicable to extract so many hair roots in this way. Thanks to the Fue method, more hair follicles (grafts) can be removed and planted without any damage. Since more hair follicles (grafts) can be planted thanks to this approach, satisfactory results are obtained for the patient in the post-implantation period.


Scarring can be minimized in the nape of the patient's necks (donor area). It is a very important gain in terms of not disturbing the natural appearance of the person in the postoperative period.


FUE hair transplantation technique which takes place during the process of hair transplantation is being implemented by a number of hair transplantation centers, including ours, in Turkey Istanbul and around the world in general, and is viewed as a new and quite special technique.

FUE hair transplantation technique we are able to take out more hair follicles (grafts) then before. Thanks to this technology that we can remove and plant the grafts in our patient's head without any damage.

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What to consider for a safe hair transplant operation?

The answer to this questions starting from experience, high quality service to hospitality of the personel who will be responsible for your hair transplant. To be honest the most important part is the staff and experts' spent years in hair transplantation field.

Besides from the quality and the experience also the environment, the place you will take this treatment is very important. You should take this operation in full-fledged hospital in which your health will be ok. Bear in mind that you will have a surgical operation and better not to risk your life while thinking to look better. We gave our years into this field and have experienced team at least 10 years. We are aware that this is your health and you will undergo an medical operation here. So better to be careful where you have your hair transplantation treatment and calculate the possible outcomes.

Other reason to take your treatment from professional and experienced hands is communication issues. You should be able to able to explain your wishes and the staff should communicate with you also. Otherwise after a silent operation with no communication, it would be like expecting a miracle to have good results. You should talk and discuss and explain yourself to the expert so that s/he will do the best for you. So you should be also careful about the communication issues while choosing your clinic.