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Hair transplant Costs Turkey | Hair Loss,Balding treatment Istanbul
Personalized Hair Design

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Professional Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant process is the transfer of healthy roots of hair taken from the donor area in the neck region to the area of hair loss/destruction which occurs due to factors negatively affecting hair cells during the course of an individual's life over the years.

It is a surgical procedure which must be performed by an expert and authorized team in the operating room environment in the hospital according to the standards of the Ministry of Health. Beard, moustache, and eyebrow transplants can also be performed using the same method.


The initial step for individuals who wish to have hair transplantation is to visit our hair transplant specialist for an examination to determine the reason that is the cause of hair loss in their case. If the reason for hair loss is a metabolic disturbance, the individual will have to first receive the medical treatment for this disorder.

If the hair loss of the individual is not a disease-induced situation, but rather stems from the process of hair cell loss that occurs over the time period of one's age, then the decision will be made to perform the procedure of hair plantation.

hair-transplantation Turkey
hair-transplantation in Istanbul

Once the decision is reached for hair plantation, a new hair line will be drawn in the area of loss of hair and an evaluation will be made to determine the amount of hair roots (graft) required by the hairless area. If the donor area is available with the specified number of hair roots, then the planning the operation will be made.

While evaluating the areas where the patient experiences hair loss, the planning must be made in view of the maximum efficiency with which the expected natural state can be obtained. An agreement must be reached under the guidance of the expert along with the contribution of the patient's opinion during the planning, and the patient must be provided with a preliminary idea of the result to be expected at the end of the procedure.

Hair Transplantation operation is a surgical procedure which must be performed by an expert and authorized team in the operating room environment in a hospital with the standards of International Health Standards.

Hair and Esthetic Clinic

General Overview Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

Glance at Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

Who does have hair transplant?

Men and women over 30 who are experiencing baldness.

Hair transplant methods in Istanbul, Turkey

FUE- Follicular Unit Extraction in Istanbul
DHI- Direct Hair Implantation in Istanbul

Hairline design Turkey

The Hair and Esthetic surgeon determines a natural hairline suitable for the patient. A natural image is created.

FUE transplant process in Turkey

You click for FUE transplant process in Turkey details.

DHI transplant process in Turkey

You click for DHI transplant process in Turkey details.

After care Hair Transplant Turkey

Do not wash your head for 2 days.

A soft hat can be worn when going out.

Protect your head from direct sun.

Use shampoo and medical products recommended by your doctor.

Turkey Hair transplant costs

Between $2,000 and $3,500

Why does prefer hair transplant in Turkey

Experienced hair transplant Turkey doctors.

Modern and high quality clinics
Hair transplant costs is affordable.
Opportunity for a holiday in Istanbul, Turkey while having a hair transplant Istanbul.

Approximately healing period

7- 15 days

Hair transplant costs in Turkey vs other European countries

Turkey hair transplant costs range from between 2,000 and 3,500 EUR for 2,000 to 5000 grafts hair transplant cost Turkey.

Hair transplant costs in European countries like Germany, France, UK, and Spain range from 3,000 to 10,000 EUR.

Personalized Hair Design

Millions of patients experiencing problems such as hair loss and baldness search for a cure in hair transplants, taking advantage of hair restoration treatment to achieve lush, voluminous, and shiny hair.

There are a number of major considerations in hair transplantation treatment, and the most important point with a patient who has made a decision in favor of hair restoration is actually defining the areas where the plantings will be made, which is the identification of hair design. This process, which is known as personal hair design, is the most important stage of hair transplantation and it should be done by taking factors into consideration such as age, anatomical head shape, donor area efficiency, hair color, and hair character during the examinations.

Correct planning should be made and there should be unconditional consent from the patient. The most important part of the design is the determination of the individual's hair line, which is the stage of drawing. The determined hair line will have extreme importance in terms of achieving a natural image after the procedure.

How do we the hair transplantation operation in Turkey, Istanbul?

We make your hair transplant operation stress-free & pain-free for you to have the perfect control on your hair. Here are our steps to give your hair back in our clinic.


Anesthesia Stage

Anesthesia is the first procedure applied to a patient receiving transplant surgery. The preferred method of anesthesia is the widely used method of local anesthesia. Local anesthesia is a process of mild pain for the patient in the beginning, but after completion of the anesthesia procedure the patient does not experience any hair transplant pain or suffering. In addition, it can be applied painlessly with local anesthesia pen. It is applied twice, once on the donor area and once on the recipient area of planting. Although general anesthesia with mild sedation is available for patients experiencing pain phobia, it is not a preferred method to sustain healthy operation. Because during the process the patient needs to lie face down and needs to partially change position from time to time.


Hair Roots Uptaking

It is the stage of extracting hair root follicles from the area called donor in the neck with the help of fue micro motor. At this stage, the quality of the hair follicles of the individual, the suitability of the tissues, the skills and experience of the surgical staff performing the process play an important role. Because the removal of hair follicles without getting damaged during extraction is extremely important for the successful completion of the procedure. Enumeration of the extracted healthy hair follicles will made be at this stage and they will be taken under protection with the appropriate sterile conditions and temperature to wait until planting stage.


Hair Channels Opening

This is the stage of opening tiny holes (channels) at the appropriate angle and appropriate frequency, in the amount determined in accordance with the facial contours of the patient in areas experiencing hair loss, for the placement of healthy hair follicles taken from the donor area.Channels are opened with surgical tool of 0.6-0.7 mm. The process of channel opening at the front line with appropriate angle and frequency determines the success of the whole operation. The expected natural effect will not be possible unless a formation of dense hair line is induced at the front line.


Hair transpantation

It is the stage of installation (implanting) of healthy hair follicles taken from the donor area into tiny holes (channels) that are opened in the areas of hair loss by using surgical forceps. Again in this process, the manual dexterity and experience of surgical staff is extremely important. The implanted hair follicles should remain unscathed and be placed in the canals without deterioration. Because a damaged hair follicle loses its function and becomes useless garbage.

What should you take into account for a healthy and secure hair transplant?

Actually there are many reasons to answer these questions starting from experience, high quality service and conditions of the environment / hospital where you will take this operation. But among all and most important one is the experience of the expert who will be responsible for your surgical operation.

You should take this operation in a full-fledged hospital. Please keep in your mind that this is an opetation on your head part and better to take it serious. Unfortunately we hear some patients unhappy from the results or failures during the operations. Considering that this is your health, better to think in all directions and no need to risk it.

In addition to this, you should communicate with the staff easily; otherwise there would not be a healthy communication and this may lead to unwanted results. So; better to consider the communication problems while choosing your hair transplant expert.