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Mesotherapy Hair PRP Treatment Costs in Turkey | PRP Injection Hair in Istanbul

Hair Loss Treatment with PRP Treatment. You deserve the best look.

What is Mesotherapy, PRP Treatment in hair treatment?

Hair loss inhibitors, removal of broken hair, shampoos used etc. There are many different methods to prevent hair loss. However, if 4-5 strands of hair come into your palm every time you take your hand to your hair, it will be beneficial to take precautions as soon as possible. PRP as a hair loss treatment is among the preferred methods recently.

mesotherapy prp treatment

PRP treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma) is the process of separating the beneficial cells in the person's own blood in the laboratory environment by injection method and then injecting them into the person's own scalp.

What is the most important in the treatment of PRP is the quality of the tubes used and the expertise of the staff who applies it. In some patients who are planned to have hair transplantation with PRP treatment, a solution can be produced without the need for hair transplantation.

mesotherapy prp treatment in Turkey
mesotherapy prp treatment in Istanbul

DPG PRP Trichology is a platelet concentrate system specially developed for hair treatments. The DPG PRP method is a method in which growth factors naturally found in blood platelets are used.

This regenerative medical method is based on the principle of stem cells found in the bulb of the hair. Platelets (thrombocytes) in the blood are very rich in growth factors with healing and regenerative function. The patient's blood is taken into our specially designed PRP tubes containing seperator gel, centrifugation is performed to separate the blood into its components, and the platelet-rich plasma component is obtained.

The growth factors, which are concentrated in the platelet-rich plasma, stimulate the stem cells in the hair bulb and enable the formation of new hair follicles. DPG PRP method is a revolutionary method in regenerative medicine. It has been proven by clinical studies that it is very effective at every stage of androgenic alopecia. This method is suitable for both men and women.

PRP treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma) is the process of separating the beneficial cells in the patient's and then injecting them into the person's own scalp.

Hair and Esthetic Clinic

Italian based DPG PRP with proven effect and content is used in our clinic. As the Hair and Esthetic Center, we recommend PRP treatment every 2 months to our patients.

What to consider for a safe Mesotherapy, PRP treatment?

So; from experience, high quality service to hospitality of the personnel who will be responsible for your mesotherapy treatment.

Besides from the quality and the experience also the environment, the place you will take this treatment is very important. You should take this operation in full-fledged hospital in which your health will be ok.

Other thing you you better concern about being able to communicate with the staff. Otherwise after a no-communication treatment, it would be like expecting a miracle to have good results. You should talk and discuss and explain yourself to the expert so that s/he will do the best for you.