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Beard Transplantation Costs in Turkey|Facial Hair Transplantation Clinic in Istanbul

Make them talk about you! You deserve the best treatment on facial hair transplantation

What is facial hair transplantation - beard transplantation?

Beard transplant surgery is a facial hair transplantation procedure that applies a similar process to hair transplantation on the hair-free areas of the patient's face. Beard, mustache, and sideburns can be formed by transferring hair follicles (grafts) taken from the donor area on the nape to the empty areas of the face.


In addition to the need for cosmetic images, it is also possible to conceal the scars of wounds, burns, etc. caused by negative events that the individual may have suffered. Thanks to the beard or mustache planting operation, individuals can gain access to a cosmetic look they have been longing for for years.

Because with the DHI pen, denser dispersion of hair implantation becomes possible in the target area and the direction of the implanted hair can be adjusted with more precision. The recovery process is accelerated as it minimizes post-surgical infection and other complications after surgery.

beard-transplantation in Turkey
beard-transplantation in Istanbul

Facial hair transplantation - beard transplantation takes place during the process of very likely to hair transplantation stages and processes. It is being implemented by a number of hair transplantation centers, including ours, in Turkey and around the world in general, and is viewed as a new and quite special technique.

Beard, mustache, and sideburns can be formed by transferring hair follicles (grafts) taken from the donor area on the nape to the empty areas of the face.

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How do we the beard transplantation operation in Turkey, Istanbul?

We make your hair transplant operation stress-free & pain-free for you to have the perfect control on your hair. Here are our steps to give your beard back in our clinic. The implementation of the process starts like this.


Anesthesia Stage

Numbing of the donor area with local anesthesia just like in the hair transplantation.


Hair Roots Uptaking

Necessary amount of healthy hair / beard roots are taken from the donor area.


Beard Channels Opening

Necessary tiny beard channels being opened on the face as planned before operation.


Beard transplantation

Implantation into the tiny holes opened in the required region of a face.

What to expect in beard transplantation?

The patient comes to our center after the first day of the process to have the first wash.

After that the patient continues to perform the washing for 10 days according to the practical training we provide.

On the 10th day the individual re-visits our center for removal of scar shells, and then there will be a waiting period until the patient's new appearance with the beard and mustache emerges.

What to consider for a healthy and secure beard transplant operation?

There are several compelling reasons to consider when choosing a clinic for beard transplant surgery.

Firstly, the level of experience and the quality of service provided by the medical staff are paramount. Our team has spent numerous years specializing in beard transplantation, ensuring you receive expert care and attention.

Moreover, the environment in which you undergo the treatment is of utmost importance. Opting for a hospital setting guarantees your safety throughout the procedure.

Effective communication is another critical factor. In the event of any unforeseen issues, it's essential to be able to express your concerns and problems clearly. This emphasizes the importance of selecting a clinic with proficient and experienced professionals who can address your needs.

Therefore, when deciding on a clinic for your beard transplant, consider factors such as experience, quality of care, safety, and effective communication to ensure the best possible outcome.