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What causes hair loss in women?| Hair Transplant in Turkey

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Hair Loss in Women

People think of hair loss (alopecia) only as a men's problem. Many women have hair loss problems, which are generally ignored because it is not regional (male pattern hair loss Turkey). Some people try to hide their hair loss problem using different hair styles, hats or wigs.

Although hair loss problem in men and women differs, the solution is common. Hair transplantation in Turkey methods are not only for men, as is thought. Treatment methods such as FUE, DHI hair transplantation methods, mesotherapy, and PRP give very good results for hair loss problems in women.

PRP Treatment in Turkey

What causes hair loss in women?

Causes of Hair Loss in Women
Category Description
Rapid weight loss Rapid weight loss causes hair loss.
Stress The stress of daily life generally causes hair loss.
Treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy The techniques used in these treatments cause hair loss. At the end of the treatment, hair will start to grow again.
Abnormal thyroid, anaemia, vitamin deficiency Some vitamins and hormonal balance are needed to support hair development. When these problems are solved, the hair loss problem is solved.
Iron deficiency In case of deficiency, the growth cycle of the hair is affected and leads to hair loss. Hair follicles must receive sufficient oxygen to develop.
Pregnancy The hair growth cycle is affected by the increase in the level of estrogen hormone and causes hair loss.
Menopause During menopause, hair begins to fall out as estrogen and progesterone hormone levels decrease.
Genetic predisposition Hair loss occurs due to hereditary reasons (family members may also have the same problem).
Alopecia Areata If women have regional hair loss similar to male pattern hair loss, they should definitely see a dermatologist to prevent this area from expanding.

How common is hair loss in women?

Women lose up to 100 strands of hair every day. Dermatologists accept hair loss after 100 strands as a hair loss problem. Hair loss problems in woman are quite common in women, especially after the age of 40.

What are the signs of hair loss in women?

Symptoms of hair loss(alopecia) in women:

Hair loss a little more every day and the number of hair loss exceeds 100,

An unusual thinning of the hair, Hair loss at the root,

Seeing openness on the person's scalp,

Seeing your scalp through your hair.

What are the risk factors for hair loss in women?

Pregnancy, menopause, age 40+ are the risk factors for hair loss in women.

How is hair loss(alopecia) in women treated?

Using a therapist to reduce your stress,

Having vitamin deficiency treated under the supervision of a doctor,

Limiting the use of hair stylers that give intense heat,

If there is an underlying disease, get it treated,

If your general health is good and you have a hair loss problem or want to replace the lost hair, hair transplantation is a good choice. For FUE and DHI hair transplantation in Turkey, please click. Hair and Estetic is happy to answer all your questions sincerely and freely.

What medicines treat hair loss in women?

Medicines and supplements such as various hormone treatments, Minoxidil and vitamin supplements are prescribed by doctors.

Please do not apply any treatment other than the one recommended by your doctor.

Are there side effects of minoxidil?

Yes, it may cause dryness or irritation depending on the person. Please use such treatments in consultation with your doctor.

Can hair loss in women be prevented?

  • Shampoos containing sulfates should be avoided.
  • Hair should be washed by gently massaging while washing.
  • Chemically loaded hair care products should be avoided.
  • The use of hair stylers that emit high heat should be limited.

However, these are precautions taken against rupture and breakage. Hair transplantation for hair follicle damage or irreversible hair loss is performed safely in Turkey. After hair transplantation, the transplanted hair will not fall out.